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       In western countries there are more and more people living in urban areas. One of the result of high population urban density is crowdness. Therefore urban nature is an important factor to connecting people living in cities with the natural environment. A close relationship between people and nature is fundamental for the well-being of urban inhabitants, including their psychological health. It is thus an important factor in urban cities to connect its population to their nearby nature in maintaining a balance ecological restoration of biodiversity. Råsta park and Råsta lake, located in Solna is a suburb of Stockholm, is a good example of such urban nature. It is known for their great number of Grey Herons hibernating during the winter months. This little paradise is still quite unknown to many. Apart from the herons, there is a vast variety of species of other birds in this area. To date I have photographed more than 70 species and I am sure that there are more to be discovered.

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